Turkey, Bulgaria and Spain: The best value 2023 holiday destinations (2023)

Everyone deserves a holiday, but when expenses pile up it can be hard to imagine a getaway on those sun-soaked shores.

However, by choosing your destination carefully, opting for package holidays and taking advantage of great deals, you could be sunning yourself by the pool sooner than you think.

Jet2holidays have loads of really clever ways to save on your summer holiday – here are some ideas!

With a fantastic collection of resorts scattered across Europe, Jet2holidays gives you an incredible choice when planning that great-value break.

Find a budget villa on the sunny Costa del Sol or an all-inclusive sanctuary on Bulgaria's lesser-known Black Sea coast. From winter sun in the Canaries to amazing offers on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, there's a whole world to explore.

How to secure great savings

When you book with Jet2holidays, there are plenty of ways to save.

Once you’ve chosen your dream destination and hotel, Jet2holidays will wrap this up with return flights and transfers to make your own personalised package holiday. You'll even get a generous 22kg baggage included, to make your journey hassle-free.

Keep the costs down by travelling at the beginning or end of the season, when plenty of European destinations still enjoy great weather and offer great value for money.

Whether you've opted for a budget-friendly two-star stay or a splash of five-star glamour, there's often more choice of accommodation outside of peak times.

Opt for an all-inclusive getaway to keep costs in resort down during your stay, or consider a self-catering apartment and shop locally, which can often be more affordable than at home.

And remember, if you’re travelling with the children, see if you can snag a Free Child Place†! How does it work? When two full-paying passengers book a room, one child can holiday for no extra cost. Just use Jet2holidays’ Free Child Place Finder† to search for an eligible holiday.’

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Better yet, infants* under two can travel for free, with a total allowance of up to 10kg for car seats, push chairs and travel cots.

Booking early can help you find the best deal, and you can book your dream trip for just £60pp**. It's easy to spread the cost, too, with flexible, interest-free monthly instalments***, meaning more time to save and more time to get excited.

Still looking for holiday inspiration? Here are four fantastic destinations offering great value for money.

Budget adventure on Turkey's Dalaman Coast

With a glittering children's pool and stylish sun-drenched terraces, these all-inclusive apartments sleep six, right in the heart of the action.

Outside at Club Alize are terraces and sparkling pools, while inside the spacious and sunnny rooms offer enough space for all, just half a mile from the beach.

All-inclusive apartments on Turkey's Dalaman Coast: Club Alize offers affordable family fun

Oliver Eyre suggests a trip to the spice stalls at the Grand Bazaar in Marmaris

A stone's throw from the bazaars and bars of Marmaris, it's the perfect place to make lifelong memories.

As this hotel is all-inclusive, enjoy poolside buffets and a cash-free experience - a really relaxing way to holiday.

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Top tip: Oliver Eyre, Jet2holidaysSenior Product Executive.

'It's easy to make your money go further in Marmaris, and there are loads of free ways to fill your days. Marvel at mountains of spices at the Grand Bazaar, or enjoy the fabulous fountains at Marmaris Marina.'

Brilliant value in beautiful Bulgaria

Enjoy sparkling waters, sun-kissed beaches and ornate interiors at Imperial Resort, a palatial residence a short walk from Sunny Beach.

Here you'll enjoy glorious weather as well as great prices.

Imperial Resort on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is in the perfect spot for a sunny summer break

This Black Sea favourite boasts comfortable rooms, grand terraces, and three international restaurants. Soak in the spa while the children explore the pools and the kids' club, then come back together and enjoy the evening entertainment.

Located between two exciting resort centres, a sweeping Blue Flag beach, and an adrenaline-fuelled theme park, you're in the perfect place for a spot of exploration.

Low costs on the Costa del Sol

Swathed in terracotta and studded with turquoise pools and emerald palms, Fuengirola Beach offers a colourful, self-catering stay in one of the best value beach towns on Spain's sunniest coast.

These bright and modern apartments help you keep costs down with everything you need for a budget-friendly holiday, and they come with balconies offering views of the sun-kissed Andalusian mountains.

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Sun, space and sandy beaches: Fuengirola Beach on the Costa del Sol is a family favourite

Charlotte Cox says opting for theself-catering board in Fuengirola Beach is great for families

Children will love the playgrounds, pools, and kids' club, while parents can spend long afternoons sipping cocktails at the pool bar or exploring nearby Fuengirola.

Make the most of the glorious weather by exploring nearby sandy beaches and strolling along palm-fringed promenades.

Why not try a 'menú del día', a great-value fixed-price lunchtime menu, offered by a variety of restaurants along the glimmering coast.

Top tip:Charlotte Cox, Jet2holidaysProduct Executive

'The self-catering board in Fuengirola Beach is a great value option for families, and when you do go out, the menú del día means you can try a lot of the local food.'

Apartment living in the charming Algarve

Embraced by the refreshing waters of the Atlantic and hosting four glistening pools, this delightful Portuguese retreat is the perfect excuse for an aquatic adventure near one of the country's most beautiful beaches.

You'll find a choice of stylish self-catering apartments at Quinta Pedra dos Bicos, with some sleeping up to eight people. A selection of the rooms enjoy mesmerising views of the sparkling waters, and all are clean, comfortable and well-equipped. Perfect for the family, and for a price your wallet will love.

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Stylish and well-located, Quinta Pedra dos Bicos in the Algarve offers self-catering apartments

From soaking in the pools to catching a game with a drink at the sports bar, this welcoming complex has something for everyone. A short walk away, the winding cobblestone streets of Albufeira's Old Town exude romance, while the New Town's vibrant bars and budget restaurants beckon families with an appetite for fun.

Top tip:Cheryl Assuncao, Jet2holidays Regional Manager, Portugal

Cheryl Assuncao recommends the Algarve for its reasonable prices, activities and markets

'If you're looking for affordable activities, head to the Algarve. It's perfect for hiking and biking, and is famous for its markets if you like getting your haggle on! You can get a three-course meal for a reasonable price too, so you can really holiday in style.'

From off-peak all-inclusive options to great-value glamour on lesser-known shores, Jet2holidays has the selection you need to design your dream getaway. And by planning ahead and being flexible with your options, your moment in the sun is well within reach.

Choose your perfect destination, package it up with return flights and a generous 22kg baggage included, and you can enjoy that fabulous holiday for much less than you think.

Book early and lock in today's price at Jet2holidays.com

*Infants are defined as children being under two years old on the date of return. Infants are not entitled to a flight seat (must be seated with a parent or guardian) or 22kg baggage.

**£60 per person deposit is applicable on holidays departing 10 weeks or more from booking date.

***Terms and conditions apply, please see the Jet2holidayswebsite for details.

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†Free child places are subject to availability. Please visit jet2holidays.com/free-child-place-finder for more details.


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