Cheap Flights from Liverpool to Mahón from £42 | (LPL - MAH) - KAYAK (2023)

Cons: "Barely any covid measures. Brussels airlines uses staggered disembarking. Row per row. Ryanair still does the usual “every man for himself”."

Pros: "Very nise crew, espicily steward Ignas"

Pros: "On boarding the plane was dirty. My daughters seat had food droppings on it which needed to brushed off before she could sit. We then had the worst landing we have ever experienced. Scary."

Cons: "A clean plane for passengers. An explanation to why the landing was so inept."

Pros: "Checkin and security Quick passport control and luggage"

Cons: "The plane was late, boarding process very slow, Lon wait to disembark"

Cons: "The area we were put in prior to boarding was just a continuous weaving queue and was quite crowded and stuffy"

Cons: "It was freezing we asked 3 times to have air con adjusted other passengers ask too . Nothing was done . Stag and hen people on flight... shouldn’t be served alcohol on flight if they seemed drunk already. People wouldn't sit down even with seat belt signs on..."

Cons: "Boarding took long time took ages for a coffee . Stag and hen parties very loud and rowdy"

Pros: "Short flight so not much to expect"

Cons: "We were left sit on the runway after landing waiting for a spot to park up"

Cons: "Check in and lagged bag"

Pros: "Service good"


Pros: "Friendly staff"

Cons: "Very noisy people, very drunk people and like in all Ryanair flights, the staff has to keep giving people alcohol, so they were getting even more drunk. Not a good experience when all of them starts standing like in a bar on top of your head and raise the volume of the voice for no reason. Also from the time we landed until the time we were allowed to leave the aircraft, 15 minutes passed. Without anyone telling us for what reason. Very annoying..."

Pros: "The pilot and safety tannoy is not loud enough"

Pros: "'ve Ry quick"

Cons: "40 mins late"

Pros: "The price is generally good"

Cons: "Ryanair broke my bag and damaged my other bag"

Pros: "Ryan Air’s website was down most of the evening when I attempted to check in. Once it finally came back, they had no record of my booking. After hours of attempts I had to call it quits. I will report this as fraud to my bank. I had to book another flight. Thanks, guys. Great platform you’ve built here."

Pros: "Got home."

Cons: "They managed to mangle the queuing in the terminal, getting everybody on theit feet and I need the queue 20 minutes before boarding started and then have us standing in a queue on the stairs for ten minutes. The flight was delayed an hour or so, and pass Nebraska then asked to take their seats quickly as if they had caused the delay. The crew were tired but polite. Standard Ryanair fight, really, run for the airline’s convenience rather than the passengers’ comfort."

Pros: "It was over quick."

Cons: "Seats dont recline, no free drinking water, unorganised when too many bags onboard, nl change for buying products with cash."

Pros: "Enjoyed the lasagna that I ordered, surprisingly good!"

Cons: "Under the circumstances, the staff coped well with certain difficult passengers. Noisy passengers are my pet hate especially when the safety drill is being read out."

Pros: "Fast flight nice staff"

Cons: "Seats are small"

Pros: "0"

Cons: "Being delayed an lied too"

Pros: "Cheap and convenient"

Pros: "Fast accurate on time and proffesional"

Pros: "Value for money, this was good."

Pros: "Price was right. Very short flight so it was okay. Price was good."

Cons: "Called to gate BEFORE plane even arrived. Left to stand like cattle for over half an hour. Not a seat in sight. Way too much for my elderly husband."

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Awful service. Very uncomfortable seats. 0 air conditioner, I was wearing the entire flight. I asked for ice and they said not without the purchase of a drink. Water cost money. Never Ever ever recommending Ryanair."

Pros: "Everything was very good"

Pros: "I was very disappointed with checking in because I wasn't informed about checking in online. I had to pay an additional €150 and it's sad that you have to find ways to make extra money on us passenger's. Your rates are low but the extra fees cost more than the airfare. then when were ready to board they said my carry on was too big, which it was not and the stewardess wanted to charge us extra fee but when she realizes that it wasn't too big she still wanted to take our luggage because there was no room on the plane. In fact we got on the plane and there was plenty of room for our carry on I am hoping that Ryanair will do the right thing and reimburse us the extra 150 we were charged for not doing the online check-in that once again I was not aware of because I never received an email or a text as she stated I should have received. This is NOT right how you have low rates then we are forced to pay all the extras."

Cons: "I don't like how Ryanair charges a low fee but then adds all these extra fees because you didn't check-in on LINE etc. Snack or beverage was never offered and your hostess were NOT at all friendly."

Pros: "Great staff, very helpful and quick with boarding, quick journey"

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "I liked that fact that we board from the front and back of the plane. great staff and smooth flight"

Cons: "the checked bags is a little expensive. 30 British pounds for one bag up to 20 kgs is a bit much. I would dare to say that hinders travelers that are planning on visiting Ireland as well as Great Britain. In Great Britain you can travel by train for less money and free bags, plus a lot less security and delays."

Pros: "We were not called"

Cons: "We missed the flight due to not being called over the tannoy and the next flight was 710pm and was another £200, also it meant that we missed the show that we were booked in for as it was a birthday present for today. Staff on the ryannaire desk was not very friendly or understanding to our situation."

Pros: "Crew is friendly. Food and bevarede service was offered three times in a short period of time. This time they allowed to take a hand bag together with the hand luggage which they wouldn't allow in the past"

Cons: "Complicated checkin online since I booked through last and not directricly with Ryanair. I am concerned that each time when Ryanair lands they immediately proceed with the next boarding without taking enough time to check all the security measures"

Pros: "very reasonable rates-initially, except for: ......"

Cons: "hidden surcharge if you don't check in ahead of time, you end up paying almost double the ticket price!! Pretty much a bate and switch deal to make you pay more."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and professional"

Cons: "Seats don't recline, no seat back pocket"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Tight seating"

Cons: "Still could do with just another couple of inches more space."

Cons: "Late. No explanation. Left standing on runway also in the heat."

Cons: "Don't even get water on flight pretty cheap"

Pros: "Straightforward online check-in process Priority boarding when paying for seats during check-in"

Cons: "Prepaying for baggage weight Requirement to print boarding passes No seats at gate to wait for boarding"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Airport staff not professional, No customer service, the airline is not customer service oriented. I will never fly Ryanair ever!!!"

Pros: "The flight arrived on time and the plane was clean. When flights are this cheap I think it's naïve to expect anything more."

Cons: "Most of the bad things about Ryanair are consequences of their no-frills setup. People who fly with them have made the choice that low price is more important than luxury. The miserable bits about flying with Ryanair are: - The terminals/gates are frequently sheds (Grenoble, Bergerac), or in bigger airports the most distant and least well appointed (Liverpool). - Very little consideration is given to customer service (such as announcements for delayed flights). - The planes are as basic as can be, as is the service. - The scratch cards, food, drink, and all the "extras" you'd get as standard on other airlines such as included baggage, seat choice etc are all ways to boost profits given the low fares. - "They always leave late" - my theory is that the flight times are exaggerated so that they arrive on time at the expense of departure times, i.e. extra time is built in to the departure time to make up for cleaning / other gate delays. In short, flying with Ryanair vs KLM, BA, Virgin or Lufthansa is like taking a long distance Megabus instead of booking a seat on the train. It's cheaper. It's cheaper because it's a bit rubbish and a bit inconvenient. If you want a flight that's nicer, pay for it. Stop moaning about Ryanair."

Pros: "The crew was friendly."

Cons: "There was a charge to check in - which I attempted to avoid by checking in online but I didn't have access to a printer so there was a charge to print my boarding pass. A charge to check bags (since they wouldn't let us carry on - additional $70) there was no food (it was a 55 min flight so that makes since.) The seats were cramped and hard. And for whatever reason the landing was very hard/abrupt that people screamed. If I had the choice I wouldn't fly this airline again."

Cons: "I was told next time I have to be careful with my carry-on because I'd have to pay £50 otherwise. However, my carry-on is TSA approved, it has a lot of pockets so it may appear to be a bit bigger but I don't overstuff and I've had no issue getting my bag into the overhead bin. Granted, the officer was kind when she said it, but I also measured my bag and weighed it before my flight and I shouldn't feel there should be an issue with my bag. On my return flight I had souvenirs in my bag (meaning more in my SAME bag) and no one said a word about my carry-on."

Cons: "They say that one carry on free but they should allow standard size which other airlines allows. So we have to buy new carry on for ryan air!! then don't call it free. It is really hassle travelling in Ryan air for inside flights when you have already came from US to Europe. you need to keep your luggage in storage or pay heft money at Ryan air... They don't even give free water! I agree The money you save on a Ryanair flight is not worth the absolute hassle they put you through, especially considering that you're liable to pay the difference in fees anyway."

Pros: "RyanAir line failed to help me when my main air fare was delayed and I came super late to Barcelona, unable to make any sort of help for me to be able to fly to Sevilla."

Cons: "I wish I could use a stand by ticket to Sevilla, but not even that I could get. Maybe a Ticket credit would be very helpful to use for a future flight."

Cons: "We were surprised and disappointed that we had to pay 150 euros because we hadn't had boarding passes. We didn't know this. 150 seems like an awful lot, also the girl behind the desk telling us was very rude......"

Pros: "The team was nice."

Cons: "DELAY on this route is very normal appearance."

Pros: "It was a steady flight"

Cons: "4 hour delay"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Poor food selection for 3 HOUR flight"

Pros: "Being ahead of schedule by 10 minutes despite leaving late Friendly crew Loads of legroom in Seat 17A and 17B"

Cons: "Leaving late (this time was made up) Standing around for 20 minutes waiting to board at the boarding gate even though the gate was "closing" My tray table was broken so I couldn't put anything on it at all Annoying announcements for scratch cards and other rubbish that nobody ever wants to buy"

Pros: "Quick flight crew helpful"

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