Cheap Flights from Glasgow Airport to Reus from £71 | (GLA - REU) - KAYAK (2023)

Nice seats with matching colour coded seat belts to make it easy to identify the correct two parts.

Cannot fault Jet 2 service

great airline - puts others to shame

Smooth process, great in flight crew you wouldn’t want to travel more than 3.5 hrs with them as the seats are slightly hard

Pros: "Crew was attentive"

Cons: "The seats are awfully tight and no padding The plane was delayed for almost 3 hours while we were on it because of some air conditioning issue"

Pros: "Simplicity"

Cons: "Not much. Outside influences not under their control"

Cons: "Everything is made easy...."

Pros: "Simple checking with baggage etc"

Cons: "More leg room"

Cons: "It was freezing on the plane everyone had hoods up and coats on."

Cons: "Seats don't recline"

Pros: "Crew were good, no issues. Flight was prompt and easy."

Cons: "A few too many announcements and promotions for buying stuff on board."

Pros: "Comfortable flight"

Cons: "Alanya airport puts you through security 3 times. If they want to do this at the gate including hand searching they need to employ more staff to speed up the process. Food and drink at the airport is expensive"

Pros: "That it's over"

Cons: "Food options are very bad & there are no TVs on the plane but otherwise this was an excellent flight & a seamless holiday transfer from the moment that we arrived."

Pros: "Boarding well organised, cfrew friendly."

Cons: "Announcements too frequent and very loud."

Cons: "Missed the need to add luggage to both inward and outbound journey, that got excessively charged on the way back. Have never had to select luggage allowances both ways, clearly we want to bring our luggage back! + why should it cost twice as much to add to the hold when paying at the airport, rip of"

Pros: "Amazing customer service from the moment we arrived at the airport, throughout the checkin process and on the plane. Really extraordinarily amazing given that it was the Saturday of half-term. Cannot praise highly enough."

Cons: "I canot think of any single fault at all."

Pros: "Great boarding decent legroom"

Cons: "Good all round - no entertainment but it’s short haul so expected"

Pros: "This plane was alot older then other planes owned but the cabin was still new, legroom brill, clean cabin and excellent staff. We were kept fully informed of the extra safety procedures needed in regards to de-ice the plane before takeoff."

Cons: "Would have rathered a new plane, and to land ontime but only 20 mins late."

Pros: "Nothinf"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Cheap and easy."

Cons: "The announcements were a bit “organised tour” excitement which was odd. Also not allowed tablets during take off and landing which was a bit behind the ball compared to other carriers."

Pros: "Comfortable, friendly service on the plane."

Cons: "Connection issues from previous flight. Connecting ground staff didn't seem to have their game together. In all fairness, it was after midnight and I don't think it was connected to the Aegean airline. More like airport security."

Pros: "Late at the airport but they managed to get us all through and boarded on time"

Cons: "Too many steps especially at Birmingham"

Pros: "Crew was good, boarding was good. On time."

Cons: "All food/drinks are chargeable, but they will not accept credit cards without a raise number on the front so I couldn't use my travel credit card and then I couldn't use my debit card because they said "often the debit card will not run through while in the air"...fortunately I had some Euros."

Pros: "Nice clean plane. Short flight good check in, comfortable seat. Nice staff"

Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "Crew were polite, better than on the outward flight from Paris CDG to Leeds, but seemed more interested in chatting to each other than to reassure passengers about the long delays. Once underway, the flight progressed well."

Cons: "When a 30 minute delay was announced (13.45 instead of 13.15), I was fairly philosophical. However, we didn't board until 13.45. Once settled in our seats, another 25 minutes went by when the plane did not move. No information's given. I asked a member of the cabin crew what was going on who said she didn't know anything. I then heard her ask (presumably the captain) on the intercom if he could make an announcement as 'passengers were enquiring' We were then informed that we would have a further delay of up to an hour. We eventually took off at 16.00, over two hours after scheduled time. Thank goodness, I had left plenty of time for my connecting train. I was equally unimpressed for different reasons with on the outward flight on 12 July. I will not be flying with them again."

Pros: "The convenience of the route"

Cons: "The thumping 'music' as we boarded, the over-jolly announcements which treated the passengers as if they were all mentally deficient or poorly educated. The information they conveyed was clear and comprehensive and obviously, safety instructions are crucial, but the format and tone of delivery were so patronising I thought they were a parody. They also assumed everybody was coming back to the UK after their holiday - the flight had a good proportion of French passengers and some of us don't live in the UK. Make the announcements more neutral. I fly with a lot of no-frills lines, especially Ryanair and EasyJet as well as the larger carriers such as Air France, BA, SAS and Air Canada, but I have never come across such grating and irritating announcements. I will think twice before booking another flight with them rather than endure this again."

Pros: "Another excellent flight on Jet2 , 35 minute delay but handled with such relaxed professionalism by the crew. Highley recommend *****"

Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "excellent legroom"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing. Superb flight."

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "Charge to ensure you keep your free hand luggage in the cabin. Security delays at Belfast."

Pros: "First holiday with Jet2 and really impressed. My only tip would be to book a meal, as pre-booked meals are served first and the non-booked sandwiches ran out by our row. Will fly with them again."

Pros: "Decent legroom"

Cons: "Having to turn off electronic equipment for take off and 30 mins before landing. Ridiculous as all other airlines now agree this is pointless."

Pros: "- Boarding was quick and effortless - Customer service was excellent from both ground staff and in flight team - No niggly baggage rules - Fair prices for in flight meals and snacks A huge thank you to Jet2 for providing an excellent service at fair prices"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Delayed boarding, taking off, landing, and then getting from plane to gate"

Pros: "What a breath of fresh air. Simple no frills service but very friendly attentive staff. Can't quite say why but 100 times more pleasant than a Ryanair flight!"

Pros: "First time iv used jet2 and I will again"

Pros: "Great flight, super low price. Overall great value. Also the cabin staff were great. The flight was quite empty so we had a bit of a blether"

Cons: "Nothing was wrong with the flight, aircraft or service. Only one star for food cos I didn't order, and for entertainment as there was none. Wasn't expecting for £80"

Cons: "temperature too cold on return flight from Faro, especially having been in hot weather for 16 days"

Cons: "Delay due to incompetence at Venice airport"

Pros: "Everything ran smoothly"

Cons: "The constant talking on the overhead trying to sell something (food, donations, duty free) and then the stewardess didn't make it to the back to hand over landing cards."

Pros: "On one of the busiest weekends for flying it was perfect..... the plane the staff and the flight"

Cons: "The food was expensive and not great"

Pros: "Great service and food and smooth all the wsy"

Cons: "BiokAggrevation beforehand trying to book guaranteed cabin baggage"

Pros: "Friendly, polite crew and clean aircraft both ways."

Cons: "Poor entertainment and lack of holder on seat in front to hold magazines, phone, iPad etc."

Cons: "Our flight out was delayed by a couple of hours and the return flight was delayed at least an hour. It was clear skies, no tusre why. Also, after having paid to check our bag, the bag didn't arrive at our destination because it was removed from the plane, along with 26 others. We didn't get it back for 5 days, just in time for our holiday to be over."

Pros: "Staff and process"

Cons: "No entertainment, pre booking hot food"

Pros: "Good service and price"

Cons: "Poor food selection"

Pros: "On time departure"

Cons: "Was told five minutes before landing that we would be circling the airport for 20 mins due to runway closure which turned into half an hour. When we landed we had to wait a further 10 - 15 minutes before we could taxi to the airport, so nearly an hour late but no delay."

Pros: "Fast, efficient boarding. Helpful cabin staff."

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats that don't recline and seat back pockets have no "give" to fit your personal items."

1 hour delay

Dreamliner. Yes great if maintained. I didn't see anyones screen work consistently during either of our flights. Worse was their ability to not only dump you out of premium but separate couples and seat someone's carer at the opposite end of the aircraft. This poor gentleman had no hand so his partner who assists him, being seated at the other end of the aircraft, well that really showed us all what Tui think :( It was fairly dire all in all, they advertise all the perks of the dreamliner only in reality you don't have the features and they change the windows and colours to suit their constant sales pitches. Ironically they were so low on stock for the return flight that all their sales pitches were a waste of time! Their contract only favours them and 'operational changes' well they cover every excuse and Tui use it. Surprisingly we haven't reinstalled the Tui app or booked with them since. It's a shame as I rated them highly during the pandemic.

Airport boarding more organised.

One flight attendant not wearing a mask over nose, 50% of passengers not either, and no effort to correct. Boarding was very late with no information - lots of standing around waiting.

Cons: "Thank you"

Pros: "Friendly crew and quick boarding."

Cons: "Delay was annoying."

Cons: "Movies are a bit limited"

Cons: "Boarding down the rain and cold morning was not oaky"

Pros: "Flight was on time and well managed. Nicer than Ryanair but limited facilities as this is a charter airline. No video or seat bag nets for example."

Cons: "Limited features on board."

Pros: "Easy check in and great in-flight service. Nice to have a full meal and bar service."

Cons: "Slightly delayed, but nothing much."

Cons: "Still sitting in the San Francisco airport With some luck l will be in Minneapolis by midnight"

Pros: "Easy boarding with no wait time, very straightforward transfers to hotels on arrival with Thomson organised coaches."

Cons: "Very small and confined seats led to an uncomfortable flight. Cabin crew were not attentive."

Pros: "It took me to Zante"

Cons: "We checked in online but still had to wait 45 just to drop our bags. waiting for an hour on the plane before take off. The captain not giving accurate timings. Circling so many times before landing I was nearly sick. And a very hard landing so much so I hit my head on the seat in front of me."

Pros: "1)I like the leg room in economy. 2) the bathrooms allow for a lot of headroom when compared to some airlines. 3)the affordability of the flights when compared to other long haul airlines"

Cons: "1) Boarding was late (seems to be a regular occurrence) and as a result the flight was delayed. 2)They have a habit of over booking seats. 3)There's no onboard wifi. For such a new jet in these modern times, I'd expect that such amenities would be a standard. 4) The online checkin is a bit dodgy; i had to keep refreshing the page- not very comforting. 5) Somehow having a one way ticket back to my HOME country (barbados) was deemed as an anomaly at the checkin desk at Gatwick. Ended up waiting for about 30 minutes at the checkin desk waiting for my boarding pass to be approved- absolute madness"

Pros: "Took off on time and landed early"

Pros: "The aircraft ergonomics and layout good, the cabin staff etiquette and service attention excellent, great cleanliness of cabin and on board toilets, and considering space limitations and high number of passengers the food and refreshments were excellent. Makes B.A. look second rate. Again excellent driving by those at the pointed end."

Cons: "Ground staff at departures at Montego bay were a little aggressive and arrogant. Dont know where the hell the 787 manufacturing plant got their seat designers from, but they certainly didnt get a degree in human anatomy, I guess they thought the plane would only get short haul usage i.e. two and a half hour flights......seating most unconfortable!"

Pros: "Efficient and timely"

Cons: "Tight for space and asked to change one of two seats to a aisle seat for my partner who had a bladder infection and needed to go to the toilet often. Was refused at check on saying no available seats but after take off noticed that there were available seats."

Pros: "A lot of leg room. On time departure, on time arrival."

Cons: "Food on board a bit pricey."

Pros: "Very helpful crew"

Pros: "Perhaps because I'd previously flown Premium Cabin on the Dreamliner but I found the seating uncomfortable. I've flown long haul economy with both Etihad and Singapore and was expecting the Dreamliner to be up there with these airlines. Sadly not. In all other respects the flight was fine. Boarding, food etc all good."

Cons: "Seating uncomfortable"

Pros: "On time and fast"

Cons: "The plane was old, and falling apart. They didn't allow me to return to my home country, made me miss my flight, and forced me to buy another ticket. Never will I go with them again! Poor customer service! Also morning flights are so early no train makes it at that hour. You'd have to spend the night at the airport."

Pros: "The aircraft (787)"

Cons: "The booking & checking system was terrible: online check-in didn't work, adding a bag didnt work. When calling the helpline an unhelpful agent explained that 3 days before the flight I could neither check in online nor add a bag! I've never heard or seen this with any other airline. I was told I would have to pay excess at the airport, around 10GBP per kilo! When I asked to speak to someone else I was told there was noone I could speak to! So, one of the largest travel companies in the world has noone to speak to when you have a problem... think about that for a moment. I felt like I was in a Kafkaesque novel. Crazily, when I phoned back in desperation later that day, it was suddenly no problem to add a bag. At the airport it was a similar fiasco: Thomson insists on a ridiculous 5kg for the on-board luggage. Most board cases already weigh 2-3 kilos before you've put anything in them! Not just this, the case was weighed at check-in. Again, I haven't experienced this in years. So the not very competent check-in agent had me juggling weight between two cases, just to comply with the rules, rules which seem exlusive to Thomson. This was the worst pre-flight experience I have ever had, and I have flown more than 25 times a year on average for the last 20 years. Thomson needs to revise its website, procedures & customer service urgently."

Pros: "Very modern"

Cons: "Newer movies"

Pros: "They kept us up to date about delays"

Cons: "The delays"

Pros: "Once through security boarding was relatively quick. Small seats though with very little leg room. Pleasant cabin crew though. I do wish that the airlines would invest in decent seats, on both the 757 (outbound) and the 737 (inbound) I suffered really bad with cramp and ANNOYINGLY this policy of having seats that recline on a short haul flight is silly. There is barely enough room already with the seat in front reclining ..."

Cons: "Check-In was ridiculous at Manchester Airport on the outbound flight with a long single very slow moving queue. 6 Check-In staff for about 7 or 8 flights all leaving within the hour! And then frustratingly the same on the way home - just 4 desks open for 4 flights all leaving within a hour of each other."

Pros: "Nothing is even good"

Cons: "In my opinion the I never fly like this flight very bad experience in this flight that's all"

Cons: "I did not take the flight. I could not get my money back."

Cons: "Not to fly with Ryan air which I won’t be!"

Pros: "Nothing, DO NOT flybw this airline"

Cons: "They charged me 220 pounds at the counter for boarding passes"

Pros: "The cost was the big plus on this flight."

Cons: "Had to stand outside in rain & wind while waiting to board. Took a very long time to board. Very loud people. Excessively loud engine noise. Attendant made me open my window shade. Small seat did not recline. No seat pocket for magazine."

Cons: "Flight was delayed missed my last connecting train"

Pros: "Quick easy and cheap"

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "I had to pay for priority 2 bags only because I didn't want to check my small carry on - frustrating. I was told I needed a paper copy ticket, couldn't get one until exactly 2 hours before my flight according to the ticket agent. I waited patiently while many others checked in (later to see those same people on my flight who clearly checked in before the 2 hours), but then found out from a different ticket agent that I didn't need a paper copy ticket, so I waited there for no reason due to misinformation from your ticket agent. My flight was delayed twice, then they lined us up at the wrong gate. After scanning our tickets, the door wouldn't open to let us out to the airplane, then they lined us up outside the plane in freezing cold winds because they were still cleaning the plane-the guy was still taking the trash out. Where is the "priority" in that? I know I really only paid to not have to check my bag, but it's also called priority - not quite sure they understood that. Will probably never travel this airline again, too much hassle and frustration for such simple things."

Pros: "Got there on time"

Cons: "It's Ryanair - a thoroughly unlikeable airline."

Pros: "Cost"

Cons: "Cramped"

Pros: "The trip was smooth once we got a plane. Everything else was as ecpected."

Cons: "Delayed multiple times and finally departed 2 hours late. Interrupted a full day’s worth of travel plans."

Pros: "The flight arrived without crashing. 100% survival rate."

Cons: "Cattle call. Couldn’t check in early. No gate announcement until 15 minutes before boarding closed, so had to wait in central area then rush to gate. No policing of unruly gate area. Seated in middle seat that didn’t recline. Had to check in via app prearrival at airport to avoid £55 fee per person. Basically the UK version of Spirit Airlines, but worse."

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "Having to pay fee for airport check in."

Pros: "Cheap flight"

Cons: "Delayed Limited information/explanation provided Ground staff rude"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Baggage policy"

Cons: "I purchased Priority in order to have a carry-on, and even though the carry-on was fine for my first flight, they forced me to check it and pay 40 pounds for my second flight. Then the flight was delayed, causing me to miss my connection and completely ruining my entire travel day. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE LOW RATES. YOU WILL END UP LOSING MONEY."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "The cabin bag fiasco"

Pros: "Speed of flight, getting off the plane"

Cons: "Stinking aeroplane, long delays, immigration and security queues"

Pros: "I got to my destination."

Cons: "We were charged almost 200 euros extra because we did not check in online (which we could not do because we had been traveling for 30 hours and did not have Wi-Fi in the air) and when we went to check in the receptionist was rude about the fact that we had not checked in, so we had to go across to a different counter to pay our fee, go back to check in at the first counter, and then was told we could not be seated together, when it turned out the flight was half empty. Besides all of this, the planes are not nice, you are only allowed one carry on (no personal item) and the seats are not comfortable. I thought we would save money but check in fees and ridiculous baggage fees made this flight cost more than a nicer airline."

Cons: "From now on I will pay a little bit more money to have a more comfortable flight. The aircraft Ryanair is employing is easily a couple decades old, and is incredibly cramped. The whole aircraft felt rickety as it rocketed through the sky. Our flight boarded an hour late (not the fault of the airline) and when we got on the plane the crew members hardly smiled and were very grumpy. That's the last time I try to save a quick buck on a cheaper airline."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 3.5 hours"

Pros: "You can load and unload from the plane on both ends."

Cons: "They do not offer a complimentary drink and small snack for any flights, short or long. Anything other than a seat comes with a price tag."

Pros: "Chatting with fellow passengers in the queue"

Cons: "Lack of regular information regarding delays. Even the occasional "we still have no updates" would have been helpful."

Cons: "the fact my flight time was changed and no-ne told me!"

Pros: "Customer service was horrifying"

Cons: "Staff"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything wasnt fully compensated and when zi asked for help refused to speak to me"

Cons: "Have to take the bus from aircraft to terminal."

Pros: "Nothing was good about this flight"

Cons: "Flight was delayed by 4 hours, Ryanair lied to us the entire time"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "nothing"

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "inexpensive and quick flight so did not mind the tighter space"

Cons: "after all the fuss I heard about the airline, they never checked bag sizes or weights for anyone! the gate agent could not figure out how to login to start the boarding process, prolonging the on-boarding process"

Pros: "Our experience with Ryan Air was a nightmare! We liked nothing about the experience!!"

Cons: "We were charged for them to print our boarding passes. We were charged 50 pounds per person because we hadn't checked in online, despite our having done so. We had a change in plans so had to change our flight time after we had booked back in February. . Ryan Air charges more to rebook a flight than the initial cost of the booking, so we just bought another ticket. I will never book on this airline again."

Cons: "Flights ended up being close to or more expensive because of baggage charges. Also, the length of the terminal to board downstairs off the tarmac is ridiculous for an older couple such as we are. The only good thing was (a) a polite airport employee who got us a wheelchair; (b) a second boarding door for rear section seats."

Cons: "Small seats"

Cons: "Went to checkin desk and told to straight to security. Walked to the other end of the airport only to discover our preprinted boarding passes would read at security. Had to lug all our bags back to the Ryan desk, wait in a long line, and get new boarding passes. Then lug our bags back across the airport to security and FINALLY the gate. Don't assume your print at home boarding passes will work."

Cons: "We were stuck on the ground for an hour. Not impressed."

Pros: "everything on this flight went like clockwork the flight left on time and the crew onboard were really helpful and pleasant"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "no redeeming quality"

Cons: "the accommodations, seats, personnel, ticketing, take off, landing, lack of courtesy, lack of amenity, lack of charm, lack of class, lack of professionalism"

Pros: "Plane was fine, crew was pleasant, flight was on time."

Cons: "We checked a golf bag. It was disaster trying to retrieve it at Stanstead. It took one solid hour, three people, and my husband finally having to get it out or the security area himself."

Pros: "The fact that it got me to Dublin."

Cons: "After having all my liquids taken at security from my carry-on (which had been just fine on all other legs of my trip over) Ryanair decides that they are too full for me to take my bag on board, so they made me check it. When I requested that I get the bag back at the gate, they said no. It had to be checked through to baggage claim. This meant that in Dublin I had to go back to get my bag downstairs and go through security twice more. Exactly what I wanted to avoid. I had a very tight connection to the US. It was horrible! I purposely packed light for a 16 day trip!! It would've been helpful if they had let me gate check it. I won't fly them again."

Pros: "Cheap and cheerful great service very efficient"

Cons: "Very bumpy landing at Glasgow"

Pros: "Quick flight."

Cons: "Would like people boarded according to their seats. Putting the carry on baggage away is disruptive to steady flow of taking seats. So if front and back doors board call in middle 10 rows first."

Pros: "Easy boarding (by boarding both ends of the plane at the same time it speeds things up). Cheap!"

Cons: "The process of checking in online was very misleading. While checking in online, their website continuously glitched. It would jump back a page, add products that I did not want (such as early boarding) without me selecting those products, etc. Finally after quite some time, I was able to check out only with the products I actually wanted (luggage fees). I received a confirmation email, and therefore I assumed we were good to go. We arrived at the airport to find out according to the staff we had only partially checked in. They could see that we started the process but since we apparently did not fully check in, we were charged £90 (45 per person) to check in at the airport. When I emailed Ryanair customer service and explained the entire situation, they absolutely could not have cared less. As a seasoned traveler, this one really takes the cake for poor customer service. Absolutely the worst experience that I've had with an airline. I will never fly with them again."

Pros: "The price"

Cons: "The comfort of the plane, it was over crowded with no air on the plane. Getting on and off the plane took entirely way to long."

Pros: "Low fare. Efficient check in process."

Cons: "Long walk to the gate. No ramp into the plane from the gate. No escalator. You have to go down the stairs and walk to the plane to board."

Cons: "Plane was half hour late and they refused to post that it was delayed. We landed 30 min late. We also SLAMMED into the Tarmac, felt very close to a crash landing. It was a scary. I have never had such a violent landing. Couldn't have been good for the plane. All the passengers were clearly worried. Not the way you want to stay a trip. Not comfortable w this trip, probably wouldn't recommend Ryan. It also feels like your on a subway car in the sky."

Pros: "Ticket Price!"

Cons: "Luggage fee was as much as the ticket!"

Cons: "No one knew where the boarding gate was."

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