Cheap Flights from Bulgaria to Glasgow Airport (GLA) from £64 - KAYAK (2023)

I think you should board the plane from the back and not the front. It's way more efficient.

My luggage is lost delayed. Flight was lost/delayed

No issues. Flight was on time. Crew was pleasant. No complaints!

All was good!

We requested a wheelchair between the Lufthansa and Condor flights we took and the Lufthansa crew had no data about the wheelchair request. Condor did not pass the request even though we bought the two tickets through them and called twice to confirm there is a wheel chair.

Missing bags at final destination. Super hot in plane. No water offered during flight. Check in at Frankfurt was horrible too. Overall bad experience

Pros: "Incorrect carrier! I missed the flights because of them !!!"

Pros: "Flight landed on time"

Cons: "Gate was constantly changed with no audible notification at the gate and boarding process was mayhem"

Pros: "The crew was professional. The process of sharing information about gate changes was very well organized."

Cons: "Seats were not comfortable. Seat pockets were torn and poorly designed. Electrical connections were not working. Choice of entertainment is limited. Food choice ran out before service came to the end of the plane."

Pros: "The boarding was a pleasant experience and we got to check in our hand luggage."

Cons: "The vegetarian food options were a little strange."

Pros: "The crew were really friendly and made sure we were looked after."

Pros: "No crying babies around :-)"

Cons: "It was cold on the flight IAD->LAX, there was a cold stream coming from the storage bins, and no food. Food was bland and too little on the transcontinental flight."

Cons: "just because my seat mate was german and asked in german language , crew member gave her first class sendwich , and i got some cold and nasty , no internet on the plane stop lying to people"

Pros: "The notifications for the change of gates by Lufthansa."

Cons: "Dairy free option for snack. Larger stock of drinks (Ran out of Beer). Made sure the luggage is loaded on to the plane! Communication to inform passengers that no luggage had made it to Birmingham as people were waiting around for hours!"

Cons: "Entertainment didn’t work"

Pros: "The crew"

Cons: "The sandwiches"

Pros: "Service efficiency."

Pros: "The crew was very accommodating."

Cons: "I wasn't aware beforehand that I could request a dairy free meal."

Pros: "Staff was friendly and service was on a exceptional level"

Pros: "The serviice was very good enjoyed traveling with this company."

Cons: "The tv screen was outdated and difficult to use. The headphones were very outdated and did not like that there was no option to use my own headphones because of the aux option not availble."

Cons: "breakfast food"

Pros: "Comfortable seats"

Cons: "The raisin muffin was very old"

Pros: "No problems, it was a quick and easy flight. Crew was great."

Cons: "No entertainment (due to short flight). As with all airlines, economy is incredibly cramped."

Pros: "flights were comfortable."

Cons: "They lost my luggage both ways! I missed my connecting flight from FRA to TXL so I was given a train voucher from FRA to TXL instead of a flight. Luggage came 2 days later. Then they canceled my return flights TXL- FRA-MCO because "I didn't complete my journey". They rebooked me as wait list and then eventually I was confirmed. Luggage lost on return flight, no idea if/when I will receive."

Pros: "Everything especially the food and the friendly stewardesses!N"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Smooth flight. Great food and drinks. Very helpful staff."

Pros: "Everything was great. The crew couldn’t have been more friendly or accommodating. It was a very enjoyable experience."

Pros: "They boarded back of aircraft first. They gave wine on demand. They were smiling and helpful and greeted us on entry and exit. The little things matter!"

Cons: "It was difficult to fall asleep in the seats. Uncomfortable."

Pros: "everything"

Pros: "Good customer service"

Cons: "Not much leg room for 6'2" tall man like me"

Cons: "Personnel and food was great."

Pros: "Service, friendly crews. Everything."

Cons: "Simply the best.Thank you."

Cons: "Smaller plain"

Pros: "Punctuality! Everything was on time. For a short fly like this one could hardly ask for more."

Cons: "Due to repair aircraft equipmen, almost 1h delay my flight."

Cons: "The seat-back screens were very annoying and not very responsive."

Pros: "I like on time departure, fast boarding and fast disembarkation."

Cons: "Flight attendants passed only one time with water!"

Pros: "Love Lufthansa"

Pros: "Very friendly stewards, great in lounge boarding for Gold members, great to have sparkling wine as a choice for economy too!"

Cons: "Tiny chairs, tiny leg room, crappy airplane food"

Pros: "Crew."

Cons: "Kosher food ordered was not satisfactory: meat too dry and compressed. I couldn't eat that. Overall Kosher meal was poor quality. Disappointing."

Pros: "When it comes to traveling economy (prob 1st class too) , Lufthansa is the best . I have not been on a better airline thus far , and I feel like I've tried most of them. They are great for all flights , but especially long flights. The only airline where flying 12 hrs isn't a horrible experience ! I've used them more than once , and they are always great! Keep up the good work ."

Pros: "The flight was operated by Lufthansa. There was a training flight attendant who exceeded the expectations."

Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Business Class Seats, same as economy. Middle seats left empty but this doesn't make up for uncomfortable, barely reclinable, narrow seats. Had ardered a special meal and was served the same meal on both legs of my flight from Sofia to London."

Pros: "Service, comfort"

Cons: "i reserve a chair and pay for them and they didnt get it and make me in last plain"

Pros: "Crew was great. Food was good."

Pros: "Perfect"

Pros: "great service! right on time! very polite staff! will fly with them again!"

Pros: "I will chose Lufthansa every time I will go to Europe with my family.I will recommend their service to all our friends.Thank you for making this travel time wonderful!!!!! Vassilka"

Pros: "Flight left on time and left early"

Cons: "Endless sales in cabin of duty free items"

Cons: "We did not make this flight due to an unrealistic connection time. We had to buy a new ticket to get to our destination."

Cons: "Flying with another airline which I will."

Cons: "The flight attendant was actually reading from the shopping catalogue.. it was actually annoying and I couldn’t relax during the flight."

Pros: "The cheap price"

Cons: "Check in, ticket check, linking up, boarding process, etc.... Everything was done miserably poor, that way, I believe Ryan Air can make more money by getting people will purchase priority boarding, etc! That said, and as I stated above, the crew was fine."

Pros: "the tickets were very cheap"

Cons: "the departure was dine with about 1 hour delay"

Pros: "The flight itself was great.... just the 90 min delay that put a downer on things."

Cons: "The 90 minute delay was a bit of a killer... also we where not told about the delay when checking in our hold luggage.... one of my party smoke and where a bit put out to find out about the delay once they had gone through customs etc and then couldn’t smoke."

Cons: "Ryanair was very disorganized when we came in to check in. We made three different queues before actually going to the place we needed to be. Only one woman did help us given the time constraint we had in out hands."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Severe delays, poor comms, priority boarding means nothing when we’re all piled into the same bus and there’s a scrum for the stairs into the plane."

Pros: "The staff was good and attentive even under difficult circumstances."

Cons: "I took two flights today. Both were late. Ryanair also lost my baggage."

Pros: "We arrive safely"

Cons: "There was a delay in boarding but no communication from any of the five members of staff at the boarding gate as to why. I also purchased priority boarding but we were not seperated from the crowd."

Pros: "Good coffee"

Cons: "Delayed by around 100 minutes. No soup no tea."

Pros: "Low cost and on time"

Cons: "Expensive food"

Pros: "The price at booking was great! the flight crew and the flight itself were excellent. Arrived 15 minutes early."

Cons: "The online check in was not working, and kept rejecting my wife travel documents although correct! Thus ended up checking in at the ticket counter, and that cost me almost $200. Convenient for the airline!"

Cons: "Stansted airport is very poor. Not enough space, facilities or anything. Ryanair flight delayed. “Boarded” into cramped holding area. Very poor form."

Cons: "My hardshell luggage was heavily damaged during the flight and the policy of the company makes it almost impossible to get a refund that is otherwise guaranteed by any air travel company. They have created a loophole that is impossible to exit in what I can assume is the majority of the cases they receive."

Cons: "Flight was an hour late! They were working on the plane while we were on board. Scary!"

Cons: "Flight delayed,missing item of myluggage worth150£"

Cons: "i realize you're a budget airline, but the flight was horrible. the seats were incredibly uncomfortable, and i could not recline them. the smell of the toilet was present in the entire plane. beverages (coffee, tea and water) should be provided for free, especially water. there was absolutely no organization in the airport in sofia, everyone just pushed and shoved to board. very poor experience."

Pros: "The Ryanair flight was on time and reasonably comfortable. They don’t offer entertainment and I didn’t eat onboard"

Cons: "The seats are basic, but fine. I could do without the fanfare on landing!"

Cons: "The flight the board on time"

Cons: "No tv or entertainment"

Pros: "Ryan Air 5.5 hrs Flight Delay from Glasgow, Scotland to Dublin, Ireland (Draft 2.1) Our flight from Glasgow, Scotland to Dublin Ireland on September 22nd with Ryan Air was delayed for 5.5 hrs (165 minutes) for unexplained reasons. We were supposed to depart at 3:25 pm and we actually departed at 8:55 pm when the plane actually began to move from the terminal to the runway. Over the ensuring 5.5 hr. delay there was no plausible reason given by gate staff or the bag check-in staff or the electronic flight board of daily departures in the Glasgow airport. Here is what we heard from all 3 communication sources stated in the previous sentence: • Seven (7) actual time delays of actual flight departure times (electronic flight board) ranging from: 3:25 pm, 4;30 pm; to be scheduled; moved to 5:15 pm; 6:30 pm; 8:00 pm; 9:00 pm; check with the gate. • Waiting for a plane to arrive......... • We have no idea...... • Waiting for a plane and a crew to arrive.... • Corporate is working on finding an available plane...... • I don't know....we will post the details when they are known to us..... The Scottish Times Newspaper (Sept. 21 or 22), reported that Ryan Air had allowed too many pilots to go on vacation at the same time which had made the entire flight schedule prone to long flight delays and numerous flight cancellations. What was reported on the various UK news shows was very different. Their were serious labor issues between Ryan Air's pilots and management, particularly Dennis O'Leary the CEO, over work conditions including pay and job performance. Those of us who read local UK newspapers had an inkling that the pot was boiling. However, as the actual departure delay went beyond the scheduled 3:23 pm, passengers were uneasy about our hotel rooms in our destination cities still being held and whether any drop-off family members should go home or be available if the flight was ultimately cancelled. What made it worse was Ryan Air realized that they were in violation of the European Union flight delay rule so they passed out FLIGHT DELAY POLICY to those waiting in line. The gate crew and the check-in folks outside security told us about having to provide all passengers two (2) free phone calls except that this would mean leaving security at the expected gate and going back to the Ryan Air check-in counter and back through security. A very arduous process one more time. Ryan Air has very arcane booking rules so if I change my checked baggage to a larger size, my only option was to add an additional piece of luggage at a very stiff cost. In our opinion, Ryan Air is a very poorly managed airline and the most customer-combative airline we have ever encountered in our many flights throughout the UK and Europe. Without hesitation, we would not recommend Ryan Air under any circumstances and would be willing to pay more with other carriers who take better care of their customers. [Customer names withheld for privacy reasons - 9/26/2017.]"

Pros: "The flight was on time, easy to board, no issues with baggage. Overall great flight. Crew was friendly."

Pros: "The price. Period"

Cons: "Legroom non-existent. Sardines have more room in their can."

Cons: "We had to pay $200 since we did not check in online!! What airline does that? I went online specifically to pay for my baggage since I had heard they charge a lot at the airport but somehow didn't get the memo or email to check in!! The lady at the gate wouldn't budge even though we literally Che led in 1:55 minutes prior to the flight! Total ripoff!"

Cons: "I felt it ironic that our two smallish rolling duffel bags were not the right parameters to take on board, and just enough over the weight limit to rack up bag charges of about 35 E ea, ea way between Dublin and Glasgow, so actually our luggage charge is more than our set of tickets for this particular trip. No wonder the owner's a billionaire--however, on the positive side, the pilot landed "like butter" in Glasgow AND we heard that the Ryanair owner actually does pay millions in taxes for the good of Ireland. (Sigh...)"

Pros: "Nice crew, good care of passengers, flight on time, new and comfortable planes"

Pros: "Short flighy"

Cons: "Charge you for everything under the sun. Breath wrong and it will cost you €50"

Pros: "all within norms"

Pros: "It was a short flight and got me to where I needed to go."

Cons: "Seats too small. They broke my suitcase. I made sure the extension handle was down when I checked it. When I got it back, the handle was up and bent so it couldn't be put back down. A kind man on the bus was able to straighten it, but it still doesn't work right."

Pros: "Very smooth flight. Flight crew was very professional and dressed well. My flight from Dublin to Glasgow was under 40 minutes and I was really impressed."

Cons: "Not a thing. Everything was smooth"

Pros: "Okay"

Cons: "Crew was clueless on the return flight! Food service was exceptionally slow and we waited for some food for the kids for an hour. There is no control over alcohol that people can buy and one group became very noisy and disruptive."

Pros: "Smooth flight"

Cons: "The Landing, the Crew,the priority boarding does not look like priority boarding"

Pros: "We were very happy with boarding the plane. We bought Priority Boarding passes which meant we could get on the aircraft quickly and without fuss. The crew and all the staff we encountered were all very polite and courteous from the staff at checking in to the guys on the plane itself. The seating was comfortable but we were only in the air for an hour or so due to the shortness of the flight. We didn't eat anything on board and didn't really need to be 'entertained' whilst flying mainly due to the short distance that we flew. All in all a very positive experience!"

Cons: "I honestly can't fault anything of the flight on both legs of our journey."

Pros: "The attention when checking in in the counter was great. Also at the gate. The gate had no services other than bathrooms. The plane was confortable and the flight was uneventful. they offered food in the plane but I fall sleep and could not buy it on time."

Cons: "you can not buy food or drinks close to the gate and you do not know that when is your first flight with them. We had to walk a lot when we checked in and when we arrived. You have to be prepared for than and not carry heavy stuff."

Pros: "Exellent friendly service by professional staff."

Cons: "On this occasion nothing, which surprisesd me"

Cons: "They double-charged me for a minor mistake when I changed my flight. Although I immediately corrected my error they charged me an additional $110. Outrageous!"

Pros: "I didn't like anything"

Cons: "Everything is boor"

Pros: "Crew friendly and professional."

Cons: "Seats are so uncomfortable."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "The whole experience. Everyone we interacted with was just not nice or appreciative."

Pros: "They didn't disturb us with as many sales calls down the isle as usual. Smartly dressed crew. Otherwise nothing."

Cons: "Over 4 hour delay Lack of communication Constant queuing No leg room No head rest No entertainment what so ever No food/drink provided FoC No compensation Chair does not recline"

Cons: "Boarding/delay etc was shambles did not get on flight had to get flight next day at my expense at cost of over £240"

Pros: "Once I got my boarding pass all. Was good, we even arrived earlier than scheduled"

Cons: "I really do t have much to complain , if you have a boarding pass before your good to go just one thing when I was trying to do my check in I couldn't make it happen I even did live chat, and got caught, and then I called customer service and they couldn't help me either. So I tried entering through check in with my credit card, I stead iof flight number and that worked! Woo hop no extra charge at the airport"

Pros: "The planes are getting older apparently. This plane was very noisy."

Pros: "I didn't like anything"

Cons: "The crew was very stricted. Even the shoulder bag he told me to put it in the cabinet"

Pros: "Arrived on time; nothing horrible happened."

Cons: "Kept us waiting for a long time on the bus, for no apparent reason. It was pretty uncomfortable."

Cons: "The flight was delayed."

Cons: "there were multiple hidden charges 100 dollars worth"

Pros: "We didn't crash. The flight wasn't full so there was room for all the cabin bags. Flight crew were nice."

Cons: "Flight left late. Landing was harsh. Seats were uncomfortable."

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